Generative art, made in Bristol.

Nearly all my work is created with code in Processing, then plotted on my Axidraw V3/A3. 

Generally, every piece I make is a 1 of 1 totally unique edition. If I do make multiples, they will be a bit different, due to size changes, different type of pen, or other changes in technique.

I really like the mix of the perfect accuracy of a digital technique (code) mixed with the analogue imperfections of drawing or plotting. This leads to lots of happy accidents, discounted experiments, and weirdness.

Is this crypto art? No. With this you get an actual tangible real thing, and it doesn't have the  environmental problems associated with blockchain. 

I do commissions, drop me a line via the contact page. 


To celebrate pay day, it kinda being summer, and my broken elbow being on the mend, I am giving away a free test picture from my big stack with every order. So for every plotter drawing you buy, you'll get two!